Dear investors,

our company has a short history. Despite of that, we possess many significant technological solutions, which are new and revolutionary. The reason is that the team of our experts has been working in BRAILCOM,o.p.s. for a long time beforehand. Although our solutions are primarily targeted at the visually handicapped people, during the course of our work, we have managed to discover a way that changes the world of IT also for healthy, seeing people.

Despite the fact that we are currently overcoming challenges brought by an international arbitration against the Czech Republic (background), we want to continue our work. Any kind of investment into our ideas, discoveries and current affairs helps both us and our clients.

If you have a real, deep interest in our work, if you want to become part of our projects that change life of those who are waiting for our help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you, Jan Buchal, CEO