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IT makes life better for everyone,

for someone it makes life possible.

Our Company

is focused on delivering complex solutions in the field of accessibility and assistive technologies. We have a team of experienced accessibility experts, software developers, qualified testers and tutors. For more than 15 years we have been developing special software for visually impaired. Many of you know us from our engagement in the non-profit organization BRAILCOM.

We seek and test for you the best products on the assistive aids market. We continuously explore the newest accessibility technologies and test their applicability with available assistive aids. We know the possibilities, we know the limits.

Our support is complex, our experience deep. We can prepare a solution for individuals as well as institutions.


For individuals

Special aids help disadvantaged people to overcome their handicaps. We do not just sell these aids, but we help you to choose the best setup for your specific needs, we provide individual training and continuous professional support. See special aids.

For businesses

We provide consultations, audits and support in making a business friendly to disadvantaged people with a focus on accessibility of information technologies. Read more about accessibility consulting.

For education institutions

We provide consulting and support in integration of blind and visually impaired students into education. We offer a technology for conversion of existing study materials into accessible forms. See BOOKOO.


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