A11Y LTD. announces winding down of its Czech branch operations

13 May 2016 – A11Y LTD. announces to the public and especially to its customers with great regret that due to serious damage made to its investment in the Czech Republic by the Czech government, it now cannot provide customers in the Czech republic with necessary support through its Czech branch until further notice.

In urgent cases we will try to help our current severely visually impaired customers. We do not want the consequences of this state of things which A11Y LTD. is not responsible for and which it did not cause to have a too severe impact on visually impaired people so that they would be left completely without technical support in situation where working aids are a necessary tool for them for overcoming barriers.

We are intensively working on changing the situation so that we could provide our expert help to those who need it.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

(More information in press release from 14 October 2014)