BOOKOO is the first complete solution for preparation of textual materials for visually impaired people. BOOKOO makes it possible to adapt existing printed textbooks for the needs of the visually impaired, to create document or new materials. Adaptation of existing materials is easy, can be done in an environment that will remind you of common word processors and can be done by any average skilled user. Each text created will immediately result in several forms:

  • Braille print on paper
  • Electronic format EPUB for reading e.g. on iPad
  • Webpage for reading in an internet browser on any computer
  • Large print on paper

That means that you can prepare materials in a universal way so that they will be awailable in different situations and for different readers. For example, if you want to create a material in braille print, you will also automatically gain the electronic version of this material for reading in a computer. One job will accomplish it all at once.

BOOKOO supports more than just ordinary text. It also supports advanced content such as annotated images, tables, interactive exercises, mathematics and science notation.

BOOKOO is a real breakthrough in the way how books, textbooks and materials for blind and visually impaired children, students and adults are prepared. With minimum work, you are able to create a publication which exists in different forms, and the reader can choose any of them or their combination according to what suits him best.


BOOKOO Editor is a key component that enables you to create new publications. The Editor is available in a modern way directly through your web browser, so that you will never have to tackle with installation and maintenance. It also makes it easy to cooperate on a single publication with your colleagues. The Editor looks very similar to common word processors that you are used to.

You do not have to know braille letters or be an expert on electronic formats to be able to work with the BOOKOO editor. It is the task of our computers to take care of these things. Your task is just to structure the text in such a way, that the automatic BOOKOO system can understand it.

Output Formats

BOOKOO makes it possible to create many forms of each publication with no extra work.

Braille print

By clicking the "Print to Braille" button you will receive a file that is completely formatted and prepared for print on a braille printer. Such a file has all the text in braille letters, typographical constructions such as headings, numbered and unnumbered lists, tables, mathematics and exercises are all formatted in braille. Each page has a proper braille footer and at the beginning of each publication, there is a Table of contents including names of chapters and numbers of the corresponding pages. The computer will take care to make sure that everything is well formatted according to the proper rules of braille notation.

You can send this file directly to your Braille printer and the printer will print your document or book.

Electronic publication EPUB (e.g. for iPad)

The iBooks reader on an iPad as well as other ebook readers offers a wide range of possibilities to the blind and visually impaired people. You can set the size of the print according to your momentary needs, you can have the text read aloud by a synthetic voice or you can display the text on an electronic braille display. EPUB is an international standard for electronic publication, all such readers understand it. When you have a document in the BOOKOO editor, getting such form is as simple as clicking the "Export to EPUB" button and you will receive a file that you can send directly to your electronic reader.


Webpages are accessible from any device and from any location while at the same time it is the most sophisticated way of reading documents on a computer. Both blind and seeing people use documents in this form every day. At the same time, web documents accessed through the internet browser, are very well accessible for the blind and visually impaired people. It is possible to read them with voice, to display in large letters or to display them on an electronic braille display. All you need to know is the internet address and you can access them using just your name and password. In any way, from anywhere.

Large print

(in preparation)

By pressing the "Print in large print" you receive a print file for an ordinary printer. This file will however contain large letters, text formatting will be more prominent and also images will be enlarged. All content will however remain properly formatted, no overflowing lines, tables split over pages or messed exercises.